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Real Work & Real Food - No Gimmicks = REAL RESULTS!

"Thank you for an amazing week! I think you are just spectacular! You've definitely awaked a whole New World again for me." Julie

"I've been stoked with my results so far and guarantee I'll be sticking with these guys for as long as possible." Reagan

100% Success Rate with ALL May Participants!

Only 20 Participants Allowed!

Important Dates & Pre-Program Information

Next Start Date Monday October 3rd, 2022

• Initial Measurements will be completed on the first day of the Program

• Initial Photo

• MyFitnessPal Check

o Max/Min Caloric Load Provided

o Macro Nutrient Guidance

• Goal Sheet Finalized

• Handwritten Commitment Note Signed

• If you cannot make this one, please message me directly to figure out another time prior.

Starting TODAY!

• You must be logging your diet on

• eVOLV’s Fitness app must be downloaded & linked to MyFitnessPal.

• Communications will begin using our eVOLV Fitness App in the Group Shred.

AM Session - 5 am MST Monday - Friday

PM Session - 6 pm MST Monday - Thursday, Friday 5:30 pm

Both Sessions Meet Saturdays at 7 am MST for Abs & Deep Stretch


1. You Never Give Up!

2. We ALWAYS support each other.

3. Show up 5 minutes before class starts to get set up properly.

4. Do your homework.

5. Log your nutrition.

6. Read your messages on the app.

7. COMMIT to the 28 days.

8. I am your trainer – you do what I tell you – this is Shred – do not bitch!

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  • 1 Hour Session with C.J. is Valued at $100
  • 24 One Hour Sessions with C.J. normally $2,400
  • In-Body Testing is Valued at $15
  • 4 In-Body Tests normally $60
  • 12 Accountability/Measurement Checks normally $180
  • Nutrition Guidance normally $120
  • Group Support - Immeasurable!
  • Normal A-La-Carte Price = Over $2,750
  • SHRED with C.J. = $400 Total
  • Savings of over $2,300

Sign Up Today & Get Started IMMEDIATELY with Unlimited Classes at eVOLV - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR START DATE!

C.J. will provide you instructions on how to get started once you are signed up and registered for the next SHRED!