Lose 10 pounds &

5 Inches Off Your Waist

in 28 Days! GUARANTEED!

*Not liking how your body looks when you see yourself in the mirror?

*Do you need help losing weight and decreasing your waist size?

*Do you wish to look and feel amazing this month and keep it that way?

Shred is precisely what you need! Lose 10 pounds and 5 inches off your waist in 28 days, guaranteed! ​

Here's the secret:

No More: Diets, Pills, Quick Fixes, Supplements, Meal Replacements, Gimmicks, Wasting Money & The list goes on...

100% In-Person &/or Virtual

I am first and foremost a native New Mexican born and raised in Albuquerque. I was the chubby kid growing up that was picked on for numerous reasons It was the discipline of the martial arts that got me on the right path in middle school through college. Then I lost my path again and found myself homeless and at the end of a bottle in 2008. Knowing and understanding that fitness helped when I was younger, I found my way back into the fitness realm cleaning toilets at a local gym. It was a humbling experience being Harvard Educated cleaning toilets. I stuck with it and 15 years later I have refined my approach of helping others find their way out of the holes they have dug for themselves to improve themselves and find pride again. Who better to help someone out of a hole than someone who has lived in one before? This is my passion! I use fitness as my tool.

The Phoenix Method, eVOLV's unique and signature method, is what I have refined over the last 15 years to have successfully helped 1,000's individuals lose weight & inches, increase strength and find a sense of confidence and pride that they felt they had lost. You have no clue how good you should feel! I'll help you find it!

The Phoenix Method has five foundational principles:

1. Movement

2. Nutrition

3. Accountability

4. Habits

5. Community

The program that I teach and that I speak of in this message is called SHRED! This is the program with a 100% success rate and the one I invite you.

If you are interested in learning more and discussing your personal situation to see if Shred is right for you - click on link below to schedule an absolutely FREE & NO Obligation 20 Minute Phone Consultation with one of our amazing team members! We would love to hear your story and see if we could be of help!

He's in Silver City, NM & She has a 6-month-old new baby! Both haven't set foot into eVOLV

10 Pounds & 5 Inches in

28 Days in SHRED WITH C.J.!

Commit to 28 Days with me and I can commit to the weight loss and inches lost. You get 24 one-hour sessions with me, the nutrition advice you need, three accountability checks weekly, lifelong membership to the eVOLV Fitness app Shred group, direct access to me the entire time, and much more for you to succeed. Your investment into yourself is just under $17 a session and is all-inclusive.

Here's What You Get with Shred!

  • All Included:

    • Minimum 24 one-hour high-energy workout sessions with C.J.

    • Weekly nutrition advice specifically for your goals & situation

    • Monday Weight Accountability Check

    • Wednesday Waist Measurement Accountability Check

    • Friday In-Body Composition Check

    • Saturday Deep Stretch Session

    • Direct Access for Questions & Necessary Pivots for Goal Attainment

    • Lifelong Access to eVOLV Fitness App Shred Group

    • Daily Pre-Recorded Workouts Specifically for Shred in App.

    • 100% Zoom Access to All Sessions

    • Access to Special Sessions over the Holidays

    • Family & Friends Access to Special Sessions

    • Much More....

All the What If's

  • All the What Ifs

    1. I Don't have the Time - Shred is 100% virtual, with pre-recorded workouts via the app that can be done anywhere in the world. You may also Zoom in during the live classes if you go on vacation or have a work commitment.

    2. What if I miss it? You are always guaranteed a minimum of 24 sessions. I will work with you.

    3. I am not in Albuquerque - Great Zoom-in!

    4. The class times are difficult - 5 a.m. M-F, 6 p.m. M-Th, 5:30 p.m. Fri and 7 a.m. Saturday are your choices! If you are to change your body, you must commit for 28 days. If you desire to change, you must show up in person or via Zoom!

    5. I am out of shape and scared - Trust me and my ability to help no matter where you start. I have over 25 years of experience - you must have a little faith.

    6. Do you accept payment plans - yes, and we have finance options via our payment link.

    7. What if I need to lose more than 10 pounds - Shred is the start of your journey and is designed to kick start your program. I also have Shred members since its inception and over 50 clients who have been with me for over 15 years! We have numerous other programs once you feel you have graduated from Shred to continue your fitness journey. I

    8. I am here to keep you fit for the rest of your life!

    9. I have numerous medical issues - before we start, I will learn about your current situation and help you overcome obstacles. This is my job. I

    10. I always suggest that you ask your medical professionals for advice before starting.

    11. Can my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/child/mother/et... join too - The more, the merrier! The more support you have, the better the results will be!

    12. I have lots of other questions - cj@evolvstrong.com or 505-370-7771 - Text works great too. My team and I stand ready to answer and help guide you through this process!

My Guarantee!

If after the 4 weeks you have attended all 24 sessions, filled in your nutrition log daily, and you feel for any reason unsatisfied with Shred, I will refund your money! That simple! ​

Take Action - Schedule a FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation Today!

With all sincerity - I truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you. My passion is to inspire you to improve yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally and use fitness as my tool. I have experienced some of the lowest points that anyone in life can experience. I have been able to rise from the ashes and I share my experiences with you so you may rise again from any point in your life. I believe very strongly that movement and proper nutrition are the fountains of youth. I also believe that eating a real donut is good for you! Yes, I said that! Life should be celebratory with our food but we should earn them. I teach you how while gets stronger and more confident. I would love the opportunity to show you how life should feel and be! See you soon in Shred! Your Trainer C.J.

​P.S. - I continue to have ups and downs all around in my life where I
have to correct course. Below is a picture of me after a horrible breakup 25 heavier about 4 years ago. The middle picture is of me losing weight but losing muscle as well due to low testosterone levels. Then I got help with my T levels and have since gained muscle. I am showing you to relate - that I am human and real and practice what I preach!

Fill out the form below to speak directly to our team members to discuss your situation personally & see if Shred is a good fit for you!

Proof My Method Works

"Thank you for an amazing week! I think you are just spectacular! You've definitely awaked a whole New World again for me." Julie

"I've been stoked with my results so far and guarantee I'll be sticking with these guys for as long as possible." Reagan

100% Success Rate with ALL May Participants!

Only 20 Participants Allowed!

Important Pre-Program Information

• Initial Measurements will be completed on the first day of the Program

• Initial Photo

• MyFitnessPal Check

o Max/Min Caloric Load Provided

o Macro Nutrient Guidance

• Goal Sheet Finalized

• Handwritten Commitment Note Signed

• If you cannot make this one, please message me directly to figure out another time prior.

Starting TODAY!

• You must be logging your diet on Myfitnesspal.com.

• eVOLV’s Fitness app must be downloaded & linked to MyFitnessPal.

• Communications will begin using our eVOLV Fitness App in the Group Shred.

AM Session - 5 am MST Monday - Friday

PM Session - 6 pm MST Monday - Thursday, Friday 5:30 pm

Both Sessions Meet Saturdays at 7 am MST for Abs & Deep Stretch

New Sessions starting Soon - Noon & 7 am Weekdays


1. You Never Give Up!

2. We ALWAYS support each other.

3. Show up 5 minutes before class starts to get set up properly.

4. Do your homework.

5. Log your nutrition.

6. Read your messages on the app.

7. COMMIT to the 28 days.

8. I am your trainer – you do what I tell you – this is Shred – do not bitch!

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